Week 48: The Most Wonderful Time of the Year.

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Living in the Midwest, I find that Judaism’s traditions have become a bigger part of me because I’m the only Jew here to carry on the traditions! So I want to educate and share. Tonight’s the first night of Hanukkah, and it’s such a happy and warm time of year for us — except for the misconceptions.

Hanukkah is not another form of Christmas. It’s not the Jewish take on this time of year. It’s not even a major holiday. It’s a celebration of a miracle that’s as unbelievable as any other religion’s miracles. Our temple was destroyed in a revolt and Judaism was basically outlawed. We rebuilt the temple which was totally defiled, and then we had to rededicate it. I think that means blessing it ’cause some pretty nasty things were done to it that were completely against our beliefs. You could call it terrorism. And we only had enough like “holy” olive oil to light the Eternal Flame (which I think is part of the cleansing and blessing process) for one day. Yet it was required to burn throughout the night every night. And miraculously, it burned for eight days and eight nights, which is coincidentally how long it takes to make fresh olive oil. Boom! Hanukkah. What a freakin’ awesome double-reason to celebrate.

For me, it means celebration of being here and being alive; good food; simple traditions and singing in Hebrew together with family. Tonight — especially because yesterday T and I officially became Domestic Partners, each other’s Powers of Attorney and joined each other’s bank accounts — my family gains one more. I can’t wait to share this happiness with him and our kids in the years ahead.

Chag sameach (Joyous holiday)!


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