Week 46: Perspective.

November 18, 2010 at 7:16 (Uncategorized)

My uncle was in town on business this week. I loove when my uncle comes into town. He’s so happy, so full of life, so brilliant and experienced and thoughtful, and our discussions always leave me reinvigorated.

It’s a something I only usually gain from vacation, this spark. I feel very inspired right now to go for the things I want. Not at work, where I’ve been forced to spend my time lately, but in other areas we like to call “life”.

I really do miss being able to invest in myself. I want to write. I mean take a class and figure out how to really write this story I can’t seem to start. I want to sing with a big chorus. I want to swim. I’m so interested in learning Spanish and starting a business and dabbling in investing. I want to read all these books and get involved in projects like sewing and painting and sketching. I want to try yoga and belly dancing. I want to try so many things — and I want to do them all for fun. Not to check them off a list. Not for competition. Not to please others. Not for weight loss. Not on a deadline. I just want to live.

I used to be full of life. That’s what attracted T to me. I used to be multi-dimensional, but trying to prove myself as worthwhile has made me boring. I want my dimensions back. I want my boldness and fun.

T and I have some boring responsible stuff to take care of over the next month or so, but after that, I’m bustin’ loose. Zee stick is leaving zee arse.


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  1. t said,

    This is my favorite one!!

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