Week 42: Nimble Enough

October 15, 2010 at 7:16 (Uncategorized) (, , , )

Running late, I decided to get into the longest line I’ve ever witnessed for Starbucks. Didn’t have the time,  iPod’s acting weird, computer’s acting weird, work desktop’s acting weird — I’m stressed and acting weird… Anyway, I got into line and two men get in behind me, one senior to the other. They’re talking about the office, the young kid’s obviously new. The old guy’s obviously been there awhile. I overhear him mentoring: “With these types of projects, at the end, there are just gonna be things you couldn’t have prepared for — that are beyond your control — and you just gotta be nimble enough to go with the flow. Because inevitably, something’s gonna happen.”

Best advice I could have been late for. Whereas a few weeks ago I’d had “enough” and consequently spent this morning’s bus ride figuring out where I could squeeze out more order for my life;  peace of mind came from the assembly line at Starbucks.  “Nimble enough” — that’s the real goal.

I walked out of Starbucks happy, then spilled my foamy drink on myself, got pissed, thought of the chain reaction of shittiness it set into motion for the day and had to start all over again.



  1. t said,

    This is by far one of my favorite weeks. Great story. Keep up the good work and put a lid on your coffee.

  2. 52weeksofnew said,

    I love you!!!

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