Week 20: iDon’tGetIt. Clearly

October 10, 2010 at 7:16 (Uncategorized)

This week, I stopped by the Apple store to play with the iPad. I felt like a gimp using it. I know everyone else thinks it’s amazing, but I think you’re being had.

This post was meant for April or something, but in the spirit of my recent anger, here are some other things I don’t get of late:

Why people insist on walking down the middle of the sidewalk when there are clearly two sides on which to walk and tons of people obeying those rules. And don’t smack me with your fucking purse when you do sashay past me. You just further prove how much you suck.

Why, when I call you, you don’t call me back. Do I have to leave a message? You’re my family and friends. If you don’t care, neither do I. I’m done.

Why _you_ are angry at me that I am planning my wedding and you don’t know every detail yet. Do you know that I don’t know every detail yet? Do you care what I want or about my happiness? Clearly not.

That’s enough for Week 20. When I resume posting in Weeks 40 and beyond, I’ll have far more anger to spew in your direction.



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