Week 36: That Being Said…

September 8, 2010 at 7:16 (Uncategorized)

Yeah, I blabbed on about the joys of minimalism last week, but there are a few things I just need to make my life complete. NEED!!!!!! And I’m putting them here so I can remember what I’m working and scrimping and sacrificing for. They’re basics to most of you, but to me, they’re rewards that keep me going:

1. A 16 GB Nano (mine broke and it’s hard to work, run and feel safe in Uptown without it. I’ve sold some vintage jewelry and plan to sell some clothes and gold to get this. Yes, it’s that desperate)

2. A glass shelf in our bathroom (T has as many beauty products as I do, and I’m holding out for a nice glass shelf to add value to the condo)

3. A dustbuster (Because the vacuum wouldn’t fit, and I like to clean!)

4. An armoire (T has more clothes than I do and we have nowhere to put them all)

5. Workout clothes (at least an extra sports bra. I’m working out enough to warrant this)

6. Rugs to keep our freezing elevated first floor warm in winter

7. A unnecessary splurge on a hot pair of fall leather boots. (For me, all for me!!!!)

If I estimate this right, that’s about $1200 worth of things I absolutely seem to need. So… Happy almost holidays!! (It IS the Jewish New Year, you know!)


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