Week 35: Under-Doing It.

September 6, 2010 at 7:16 (Uncategorized)

One thing these past five years have taught me to want (and recognize as optimal) is minimalism. So not being able to have everything that attracts my eyes is a wonderful thing. I have to pare down wishlists to what’s important and really work towards what I truly want. This wedding is an exercize in that. I can’t make a dream tangible, and neither can every other person who thinks this is their event make dreams tangible. So what can I achieve? What can I control? A week reflecting in Rome led me to this:

T and I are working to build a happy family. We love our friends, family, sunshine, music and the beach. We love each other. We want babies soon and a doggie soon and a home soon and a long, amazing, delicious trip — soon. This wedding is about balancing our hopes for all that with what we have time, energy, devotion, compromise and money for. I hope we get to enjoy and grow from the process. I think that’s what we both want most of all. And when I think of that, I’m reminded of why we’re truly going this way together in the first place.


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