Week 34: “Zitto”

August 29, 2010 at 7:16 (Uncategorized) (, , )

“Shut the fuck up” — a useful saying acquired from my week in Rome.

What else did I learn? That no one makes a cheese sauce better than the Italians.

That Rome is stuck in the Darkest of Ages, and always should be.

That Italians are edged out in rudeness only by the French.

That one thing Rome does not need is another Gelatoria.

That Italian men are almost all homosexuals.

That Cappuccino has eerie beginnings.

That Italian women are anorexic fashionaistas.

That the Map Room of the Vatican far outshines the Sistine Chapel.

That you can walk all over a Michelangelo masterpiece.

That the Italians were brilliant enough to preserve the intrigue of their history by erecting new buildings into the facade remnants of 2500-year-old-ones or by building fences around crumbling stone tructures and parks around those fences.

That everything is uphill.

That there’s a Jewish Ghetto here!

That road lanes are just suggestions.

That cheap wine is incredible wine.

That the Tiber is grosser than the Chicago River.

That one can survive a rich life on olive oil, bread and mozzarella alone.

That Italians will stare right at you until you stare back.

That 95 degrees is the average temp in August.

That there are many hidden gems you won’t find in a Frommer’s.

I liked Rome, but it inspired me to explore and learn Spanish. I have been to maybe 15 European cities, maybe more, and I loved Barcelona and its people the most. Italy isn’t a place I’ll clamor to get back to, but I’ll always remember this trip. We went for my mom’s 60th birthday, and she did damn well climbing up cobblestones all day!



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  1. dressingmyself said,

    next time try Venice, but not in high summer.

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