Week 19: Mecca

June 4, 2010 at 7:16 (Uncategorized)

On the north side of Chicago, almost two miles up Clark from Wrigley Field, is a tiny, unnoticeable storefront for Transistor on a dirty part of the street.

Inside it looks like a pristine recording studio. Inside, it looks like the promised land for music lovers. Inside, I ruined my dinner.

That’s because in the two hours I spent mesmerized by this kickass store that’s only 300 square feet, I forgot that I had raw chicken in my bag.

It is stocked but not packed with super-cool, super-hard-to-find brain candy for super-music lovers. Books and posters and prints and stereos and progressive merch and vintage merch and merch I don’t understand…¬†They have things like live-music yoga and the owner of the Metro spinning on Fridays. Mecca!!!!

My head is reeling from the awesomeness. I didn’t even know what half the things are, but I know I have to go back!


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