Week 18: Live Blogging from the Razorfish Recruitment Party

April 28, 2010 at 7:16 (Uncategorized) (, , , , , )

I stood in line with 600 other people tonight to attend the Razorfish Recruitment Party at Rockit. Wasn’t sure what to expect, but when the Facebook event page reached 459 and the Rockit site listed capacity of the private top floor as 300, I knew I was in for an aggressive night.

I know the ad industry’s ¬†been hit hard, but the line down the block for three hours really proved it. With 30 times the people showing up for every job that’s open on Razorfish’s site, I knew I’d have to be creative. Which is why I didn’t bother with a pre-made business card. I’m a copywriter who solves problems — a 3.0 x 2.0 white rectangle with my name on it just isn’t me. I wait to see what the problem is, and I try to solve it.

Nametags were all gone and people were packed in like sardines (no pun on Razorfish), so I pulled out my Post-it notes and my Sharpie. I wrote my name, Copywriter, my blog URL and the message, “I’m live blogging this event RIGHT NOW!” Then I stuck one to my chest. People looked and laughed, but they also came over and talked to me. Razorfish is a digital agency, so I hope I got their attention.

No idea what will come of this, but it was pretty awesome to meet you Tim, Heather and Wen Ex. Thanks for the party! If anyone out there couldn’t attend and is interested in a career with Razorfish, click through to the careers portion of http://www.razorfish.com/, and good luck!

If you’d like to talk further or see examples of my work as a copywriter, please contact me at 52weeksofnew@gmail.com

UPDATE: Party was great and packed, and they gave away a few iTunes gift cards by drawing names from a fish bowl. They also had a Twitter contest to name the event. That guy got a new iPad!!

All in all, it was too packed to really make an impact, but I got a few cards and some free beers, so I consider that a success. I hope Razorfish finds who they’re looking for. Creative Director Tim Sheridan mentioned not really looking for digital people but looking for smart problem solvers. I think that’s pretty spot-on with my philosophy and my experience, so I am definitely going to follow up.



  1. Tobias Klauder said,

    a link to this post just made it onto our internal Yammer network, so you got some marks for originality at the very least

    • 52weeksofnew said,

      Thanks for stopping by, Tobias. Very happy to be associated with originality.=)

  2. Jon Grondahl said,

    Hi Ellen, I enjoyed meeting you that night. I still have your Post-it, and enjoyed reading your review. And yes, that beer was mighty good…

    Best of luck!

  3. Dan Cauthorn said,

    Hey Ellen,

    It was good meeting you at the razorfish party. I was picketing for a position as well ! Did anything come of it for you ? Curious as to your thoughts. I’m still waiting on word… No breath holding allowed.


  4. 52weeksofnew said,

    Nothing came of any of it, Dan! And I don’ t know that it did for anybody. Seems you had to know someone, but I didn’t pursue it by contacting Razorfish either. Got a job elsewhere and hope you might have, too!

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