Weeks 10-13: Sprung

April 10, 2010 at 7:16 (Uncategorized)

I don’t want you to think I haven’t been doing anything. I have most certainly doing things.

I’ve been fighting identity theft and moving my boyfriend into my condo, selling my shit, selling his shit, ridding both our places of the shit we’ve acquired and hoarded over 30+ years; figuring out how to make printable stickers for handmade baby shower invites; helping plan my mom’s 60th birthday trip to Hawaii — no, Amsterdam — no, Rome; interviewing; courting clients; learning about interactive; and freelancing onsite, freelancing offsite, freelancing day and night.

I am exhausted. I have been sick. I have learned how much I can do, how much I can take, how I need to be challenged, how I require collaboration, how I want to be valued for what I bring to the table, how to get the best out of people and maybe a little of how to believe in myself.

A year ago, I was injecting myself three times a day in order to harvest eggs, and feeling miserable about myself and my thirty bandages. I was preparing for a fourth surgery to remove cancer from my only remaining ovary. I thought my only worth was as a nanny; then as a lethargically detached freelancer; then in healthcare advertising.

In a month, I’ve learned the truth is so much more.

I don’t have a big conclusion yet. I think I’m still too new to living to have a conclusion. But Spring is back and so am I. I’ll try to be in touch more often.


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