Week Nine: Still Behind the Times

March 22, 2010 at 7:16 (Uncategorized)

So in this blog, which is 2.5 weeks late, I’ll write about how I’m actually 17 years behind.

I spent Week Nine of 2010 watching two fundamental movies of my generation: “Philadelphia” and “A Bronx Tale.” What I mean to say is: I watched these two movies from 1993  for the first time. (And I watched “Blue Lagoon” the first time the week before, but that one was worth missing all these years).

I don’t know what it is about me: I was raised on Doo Wop and Motown and love black and white films and old TV shows. I feel comfortable there. I distinctly remember a time in kindergarten when I was shocked when a little girl didn’t know Mary Wells’ “My Guy.” “It’s on the radio all the time!” I balked. Kept away from cartoons, MTV and out of the movie theaters by my parents, I was raised in a generation different from my own. A simpler time. And I grew up this way, into an adult wary of hype and “new” things. And because of this, I missed some great stuff. I haven’t seen most movies, I haven’t seen any music videos and I don’t know any cartoons. I never even got to see “Johnny Carson” on TV. It’s just one more thing that makes me  so different from everyone else.

I’m trying hard to make up for lost time and stay on top of the tweeting and the chat roulette and the SEOs and stuff like that, but it’s overwhelming pretending to be cool when I’m still happiest singing the Shirelles at the top of my lungs. And while I definitely did miss out on the best parts of everyone else’s childhood, they missed out on the best of mine. Instead of downloading the next big thing, I can go to  TMC or A&E and watch whatever’s been playing in black and white for the test of time. And I can be happy. I don’t have to reach for more. I can always be happy in a simpler time.


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  1. t said,

    anytime you want to watch TMC, you just let me know.

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