Week Six: Writing Down the Bones

February 15, 2010 at 7:16 (Uncategorized)

This blog is becoming harder for me to write. As the weeks go by, I’m keenly aware of all the new things I do every day that allow me to check off “New thing accomplished this week” on my blog list, but rarely am I inspired enough to write a blog about them. This starts a whole cycle of disappointment and self-hate, which — I’m reading a lot about in “Writing Down the Bones” — ┬áis what writers do best.

I was at my friend K’s place the other night, and we were talking about my days of nannying, and how amazing the questions are that 2-year-olds ask because every moment is new, and every day is opportunity for new questions. And then I reflected back on a conversation I had with my boyfriend where I asked if he minded that I wanted a lifetime of reading and taking courses and learning new things. “Is that really nerdy?” I asked. “No,” he said. “That’s curiosity.”

I am definitely curious, and every day, I do learn something new. I ask new questions, I try new things, I take bigger risks. So while not everything may warrant a blog or turn out to be column-worthy for the masses, I have to remember that the original reason for this blog was to keep myself sharp and motivated during low points of employment, and to express myself instead of trying to be what others expect me to be.

The next blog is an example of a risk. I’m uncomfortable writing it, I’m uncomfortable sharing it and I was uncomfortable being there. But I want this blog to take me somewhere, and that place just might have to be the doghouse.


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