Week Five: I Value Trash Cans.

February 12, 2010 at 7:16 (Uncategorized)

I’m agonizing over this post and have been. I don’t know what to write because I’m a perfectionist and I have to approach this like an assignment, which is making it un-fun, which is why it is not coming. I don’t have a title because I don’t know what to write about and vice versa. I’ll  just tell you this: I didn’t like LA.

Not this time around. The 26 times before this, I wanted to move there, but this time, with my Iowa boyfriend and my newfound commitment to the Midwest as I begin to settle my mind  and my future here, I realize I filter LA through a Chicago lens. I am Chicago. I am my friends and my parks and underground theater community and my above-ground transportation that obviates the need for cars and cabs and encourages walking. I am my own person, here.

I had a lot more on my mind when I wrote this post, and WordPress lost it all. Lucky for me, I’m a writer. I have great thoughts and lose them on the way to the bathroom. So I will just let it go. But I will say this: LA has no trash cans, and I notice it because in Chicago, there is one on every block. They look identical no matter where in the city’s 228 sq. miles you are, and they are in the same place on the corner, so you know to expect them.

LA has no trash cans, such that I carried bits of paper and folded up Post-it note and gum wrapper with me all day, suffering as they poked me while I sat in Craig Ferguson’s audience and in cabs and walked furiously around Westwood Village trying to find somewhere to sit. Yeah! No benches either. Chicago actually is a community, and we value that community. With trash cans. And wide sidewalks designed for people; not for the convention of urban planning. And benches. And parks. And people who fucking give a damn about other people and not how hooked up they are going to be in the poshest club that night.

By the way: I went to that night club, and I fell asleep. And so fucking what? There were like 40 people ambling around that sweet club, not knowing what to do with themselves. I had a better time than they did.

And oh! The ocean. The reason I have loved and dreamt about living in LA. What is up with it being so under-appreciated? I wanted to hug it; everyone else watched it through a digital camera on the Santa Monica Pier. To what end?

There’s just a lot more to appreciate about Chicago and a lot more people who appreciate it here. I feel I have found my place in the world, and I am so happy to be surrounded by friends who are happy. I don’t believe a single person in LA has found anything of themselves. And that’s what this post is about. That’s my something new. I’m fucking happy. Shit. That’s a great thing to have to blog about.


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